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The excitement of climbing up to the top of a hill, the adventure of climbing down a slope, a grandeur of sunset behind a mountain, above us, these impart a rare charm and interest to our journey. But a northern corner of Chile holds one of my favourite sights of all… …there is something about the sun setting over the snow-capped Andes, the ridged outline of the range mirrored by the rocky desert formations that makes my heart do somersaults.

We decided that we were going to visit different places in Solukhumbu district, the famous region consisting of snow-capped mountain peaks including Mt. It was full of pleasure and knowledge. We formed the hiking group consisting of ten members including a medical staff, an M.

And suddenly, when we were ready to leave, the sun somehow broke through the clouds, and cast the fog away. They seem to be attractive but they are getting polluted nowadays.

Climbing a Mountain

We can use them directly s the medicine or they can be used to make important medicines. We made a complete plan for our hike. All our limbs get exercise; as we walk along, our digestion becomes more active and our appetite is whetted.

You can go with anyone which you think the best for you: After two hours, me moved ahead towares Salleri, the district headquarters of Solukhumbu.

Mountain Climbing Essay

It is being enjoyed by people across the globe since centuries. Adventure seekers from around the country and even from different parts of the world go for mountaineering expeditions to these places. Anyways, this is more than enough for a novice, and I am glad my experience of climbing mountains started there.

We had piping hot Maggi as we reached Khaitan. If the mountain regions are properly developed, the status of the country certainly gets uplifted. The trek from Tungnath to Chandrashila was especially very steep and scary. The Himalayas situated in the northern part of the country must have uplifted the identity and dignity of her.

Life of the people is difficult there. Most of the people are framers. It is also important to ensure that you are physically fit to indulge in this sport.

But road making in mountains proves to be very slow and expensive. We feel interested in chatting with them just as they welcome exchanging ideas with us. All our limbs get exercise; as we walk along, our digestion becomes more active and our appetite is whetted.

We have widened and depended our knowledge and experiences. But these five minutes made us feel much happier than if we saw all the scenery while climbing the mountain. Some of our friends started singing and dancing. We took many photographs of those thins.

562 Words Essay on Hiking

First of it is a sort of physical exercise. We can have some disadvantages from mountains.

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Hiking in the countryside gives us a feeling of being independent and feel one with nature. My friends shared the same feelings and we planned to go on more such trekking voyages. While mountain climbing is more challenging and dangerous and requires greater focus and conviction, rock climbing is less risky as the person is required to climb a cliff which is not as high as a mountain.

We trekked from Solang to Dhundi on the first day. Many tourists eagerly visit Nepal to watch the mountains. First there was France — a brief sojourn in the glorious Alps… After living for a while at the foot of the Pyrenees. Most of the fertile lands are cultivated. Hiking is one of the healthiest sports.

We felt the meal was tastiest. It was a 2 hours climb amid breath-taking surroundings.Free essay on Hiking. The word hiking means a journey on foot. So hiking means to walk or to tramp.

And such walkers and trampers are found everywhere in the world. Homepage > Writing Samples > Academic Writing Samples > Essay Samples > Narrative Essay Samples > Climbing a Mountain 14 Oct '14 /5. Climbing a Mountain If you have ever climbed a mountain, you know how exciting it is to realize you are about to get on top of one of the world’s roofs.

562 Words Essay on Hiking

Words Essay on Hiking We walk among a zig­zag motor road or cut across a mountain path in search of adventure. We may have bright sunny weather or be caught by a smart shower of rain.

We may look below us into the yawning chasm or up at the peak of mountain. The feeling of unlimited freedom makes our hearts leap with joy. Hiking includes various terrain such as rock, dirt, brush, talus and scree, which is loose rock fragments from the crumbling mountain, snow and streams.

As the elevation gets higher it becomes necessary to use additional equipment for the climb such as an ax, ropes, a harness, runners and carabiners.

Hiking is a great sources of pleasure for us besides being beneficial for health. Once we leave the crowded streets of a city and go out for a walking tour away from the mad world, we really feel free. The open air has a bracing effect on the mind.

The congestion of the city, the uproar and tumult.

Descriptive essay on hiking a mountain

Hiking The woods seclude me from the rest of the world. I’m on my own with nobody else in sight, just nature, and only nature. At the top of the mountain the reward is spectacular. The views are incredible and I feel as if I’m on top of the world.

I can see for miles and miles.

Essay on mountain hiking
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